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HIGH up the western slope of the Third Hill, in a quiet Turkish quarter reached  by a narrow street  leading   off Vefa Meidan5 stands a small but graceful Byzantine church3 known since its use as a mosque by the style Kilissi Mesjedi. Authorities differ in regard to its dedication,    Gyllius1 was told that the church had been dedicated to S. Theodore. On the other hand, Le Noir^ on the strength of information furnished by Greek friends, and after him Bayet3 Pergusson, Salzenberg, claim it as the church of the Theotokos of Lips. But the church of that dedication was certainly elsewhere (p.  123),     Mordtmann2 suggests that we have  here the church of S. Anastasia Pharmacolytria (-rijs ^apfiateo\vrpia<t)^ and supports his view by the following argument    In the first place the church of S. Theodore the Tiro was situated in the quarter of Sphorakius,4 which was in the immediate vicinity of S. Sophia/ and therefore not near Vefa Meidan. Secondly, the indications given by Antony of Novgorod and by the. Anonymus of the eleventh century respecting the position of S. Anastasia point to the site of Kilissi MesjedL The fact that the church was ever supposed to be dedicated to S, Theodore  is, in  Mordtmann's  opinion,  a  mistake occasioned by the circumstance that both S, Theodore and S.  Anastasia were  credited  with  the  power  of exposing sorcery and frauds, so that a church associated with one of these saints might readily be transferred to the other,
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